Aguas Calientes(2018)
Town below Machu Picchu
November 2018
Machu Picchu

To reach Machu Picchu from Urubamba we traveled by bus and train
But first, we observed an annual tradition
November 2, 2018 - "The Day of the Dead" (All Souls Day)
Families visit the graves of their loved ones and celebrate their lives
This includes food, drink, music and dancing - all the things the deceased enjoyed during their lives
The train to Machu Picchu followed the path of the river

One train stop was the start of the Inca Trail
Several hikers left the train to begin
the FOUR DAY trek to the Machu Picchu site

The trail begins on the other side of the river
The main square of Aguas Caliente, gateway to Machu Picchu
Its name means "hot waters" because of the nearby springs which are a popular spa
Up to our hotel where we prepared for the Machu Picchu site
For pleasant, dry weather
Another layer for cooler temperatures and drizzle
Even prepared for heavier rain
Walking along the river to the bus which will take us up the mountain to the Machu Picchu entrance
It's a 30 minute ride, a much better choice than hiking hours through the forest, especially if it starts raining
There will be enough climbing on the ruins themselves
Photo Op before boarding the bus
The town museum describes the history of the indigenous people
and photos of the discovery of the ruins in 1911 next to more recent photos

Joe can find dessert
anywhere in the world