The U.S. Virgin Islands(2018)
June 2018
Our first stop was the island of St Thomas. It was our only rainy day
The rain caused many people to return to the ship - not us
We planned a snorkeling excursion - we would be wet anyway
And the rain stopped!

They saw lots of fish and turtles in the crystal clear water

That Was Fun
The next day - on to another island
We thought we would travel to see the "Brimstone Hill Fortress - The Gibraltar of the West Indies"
But we opted to stay in town and absorb the local culture
I had to be TAUGHT how to put on this 2 piece $5.00 outfit
The "pants" are created when you follow the instructions
and wrap the one piece of material correctly
See photo at right

The Virgin Islands are a shopping mecca for jewelry
Many women on the ship were looking forward
to the "great prices"

Carrie and I visited the stores and they really did give both of us FREE
the items at left plus additional tiny sample stones.

I think it would be fun to collect the charms of the other ports
if and when we sail those itineraries

While we did pass on the expensive jewelry
we did support the local economy with
T-shirts, mugs, placemats etc.

Leaving St Kitts