On The Harmony of the Seas
June 2018
This is the "Aqua Theater" where an aerial, dance, water and diving extravanza
was an unbelieveable melding of talent and technical marvels
I watched the "behind the scenes" video in our cabin before the performance
The stage actually descends to a pool deep enough for high divers perched at the top of the photo at left
This engineering marvel allows for dancers as well as water ballet
Aerial acrobats and high wire performers compete for our attention
We truly did not know where to look first.
There were 2 ice shows during the cruise
Imagine the stability of a ship that allows overhead lifts and triple jumps while sailing at sea.

The show advertized at left was so impressive
that I didn't even take any pictures

I didn't want to miss anything

Back at the Royal Theater we saw a performance
of Columbus the Musical

A comedy in the genre of "Spamalot"
it traced the exploits of Christopher's distant relative

Somewhere online there must be a photo of the
FIVE TON sailing ship that rotated a full 360 degrees
opened to serve as a set for the interior of the ship

River City Productions and the stage crew deserve
applause as well as the talented cast

"Grease" is one of my favorite musicals and this production did not disappoint
The cast did a great job from Rydell High to Greased Lightning
There were opportunities to meet cast members and ask questions
(left to right) Two dancers from the Aqua Show, Eugene and Rizzo from Grease, Two ice skaters
A similar opportunity with the top officers and cruise director
This is Captain Gus
We almost skipped the "Headliner" Show
but were VERY glad we didn't

While the introductory video began with photos of
ventriloquists of the past,
it continued with the international career
of the evening's star Ron Lucas
who truly deserves the title
"The World's Greatest Ventriloquist

He and "Buffalo Billy" were fantastic and hilarious,
but his routine with a "human puppet"
a volunteer from the audience was really amazing