The Active Life(2018)
Aboard the Harmony of the Seas
June 2018
There are multiple pools and water slides
Then there is this 10 STORY slide (No water involved, Just a mat)

Billy, the rollercoaster fan, rode it more than 50 times.
Climb the rock walls
Run or walk the track (1 lap is almost 1/2 mile)
The ice rink was available too
This was their first time ice skating ever
They quickly got the hang of it
And returned for a 2nd session the next day
You can "Escape the Rubicon" (or die trying)
Play Basketball
Ping Pong
or Putt-Putt Golf
Surf on the Flow Rider
Or KneeBoard
Ride the zip line 8 stories above the ground
Or even learn to scuba dive