The Everglades (2018)
Fort Lauderdale
June 2018
Our airboat excursion through the Everglades
With a sharp-eyed veteran female guide
who pointed out the creatures
lurking in the "River of Grass"
I zoomed in to take these photos
You don't want to get too close. These creatures can be 9 feet long and 500 pounds
The birds were very aggressive
This one went rode with us until we hit top speed
Sailing through the "River of Grass"
Back to the Nature Preserve

I'm glad there was a strong fence between us and this big mama
Here is Daddy - named "Cannibal"
Mama is protecting her nest
There are about 50 eggs in this nest
Babies are soft and harmless

The refuge has other creatures besides alligators
Even in the refuge there were signs to keep an eye on the edge of the paths in case some wild creatures decided to visit