JCS Tour (2018)
Highland Folk Museum, Scotland
July 2018
JCS Tour the UK
Open Air Museums of this type are one of our favorite
locations whenever visiting Europe.

The concept originated in Sweden
and the descriptive term "skanzen" is often used
by non Swedish exhibitions as well

The local guide explained life during the 1700s in such a village
Both genders of this breed have horns.
Pigs were kept in this compost enclosure
The Weaver's Cottege
The heather was beginning to bloom purple but a closeup bleached out the color
Lumber Mill and Woodworking Shop
Further along in time - Industrialization and Mechanization
Note the material of the housing walls as we progress through the centuries, from stone to wood to wall paper
A horse breed native to Scotland
Post Office and General Store
Boleskine Shinty Pavilion
Shinty is a game played with sticks and a small hard ball
where 2 opposing teams try to the ball
through their opponents' goal
Stones used to hold crops off the ground to deter rodents
A schoolroom in the 1930s - 1940s
Children were given an opportunity to practice cursive writing the old fashioned way.
I remember those desks, dip pens and ink wells when I started school in 1953

Closeup views of the maps on the back wall
with the topography of Scotland and
the extent of the British Empire

The open air museum presents the life of the average person
from 1700 through the 1930s

The upper classes had a different lifestyle

We can see that in the grand houses around the country

This is Brodie Castle erected by Clan Brodie in 1567.

Since 1980 it has been owned and maintained
by the National Trust.

These old trees on the castle grounds have witnessed a lot of history