JCS Tour (2018)
Inverness, Scotland
July 2018
JCS Tour the UK
A beautiful running path outside our hotel along the River Ness with lovely scenery to start (or end) the day
Many bridges span the river. Some carry traffic
Others are for pedestrians and bicylists only

A local pub explained the legend of the bridges

The river is low because Scotland is experiencing a serious drought
An excellent location for a running store
From the city of Inverness we travelled by bus to the Isle of Skye, observing the scenery along the way
This is Loch Ness - the legendary home of the mythical "Nessie" creature
Scotland is dotted with castle ruins
And a history of conflict among clans and kingdoms
Further down the road a brief stop to view Eilean Donan Castle
On the return trip from the Isle of Skye, we stopped briefly again for more photos
And a different perspective