JCS Tour (2018)
Chester, England
July 2018
JCS Tour the UK
Chester is a walled city with many half timbered buildings
Note the 2 levels of stores - a "medieval shopping mall" - lining both sides of the street
Intricately designed architecture in commercial and government buildings
In the main square musicians entertain tourists and shoppers
Spirituality along with commerce
The city wall was originally built by the Romans
The River Dee on the border of Wales
Roman Ruins (Baths and a "Coliseum")
Scenes of ordinary life along the wall
A demonstration of falconry
Significant Historical Structures
The 2nd most photographed clock in England
Constructed in 1897 atop the Eastgate of the city
to commemorate the diamond jubilee
of Queen Victoria

Looking down from the Eastgate Tower
And looking back up where we have been
On a side street we followed the locals to
"The Pound Store" (UK version of the Dollar Store)
"The Pound Bakery"
2 Eclairs, 2 Napoleons, 2 bottles of water for 3 Pounds

Chester Cathedral founded as a Benedictine Abbey in 1092 and opened as an Anglican Cathedral in the 16th Century
The Cathedral's "Refrectory Cafe"
Nice to see these have survived the cell phone era