50th Anniversary - NYC(2017)
Recreating Memories
June 1, 1963 - Our First Date at Rockaway Beach
54 years later we returned to the same spot on our 50th Wedding Anniversary
Then we walked along Crossbay Blvd to sit on the same guardrail where
a few MONTHS later we decided to "get married when we finished college"

We married on June 3, 1967
and returned to Holy Child Jesus Church in Richmond Hill
to remember the day 50 years later

Our wedding day was memorable right from the beginning
when the priest mixed up the dates and didn't show up

Fortunately, we found a substitute to make it all legal

Back in Manhattan, always something to see and do
A parade celebrating Philippine Independence Day and shows to see, both on and off Broadway
Down by the river, a little park and the aircraft carrier Intrepid
Oh Brooklyn, My Brooklyn
This is 11th Street between 3rd and 4th Avenues
Mom, Dad and I llived at #192 in a 3 room apartment on the 2nd floor

We would walk to church along 4th Ave under the 9th street bridge

Here's how it looked in 1948 - Mom and Me

We didn't live in a brownstone, but they made a nice background
Easter 1953
At this memorial in Prospect Part, Dad told me about Lafayette
People still gather here
St Thomas Aquinas Church where I was baptized
Walking along 9th Street

This is the American Legion Post named for Michael Rawley
My Dad was a member there. Dad worked with his brother
The post used to be located over a bar on 5th Avenue

The "6 Day War" occurred while we were in Nassau on our Honeymoon

Always interesting food to be found in Brooklyn
This breakfast had an Asian flavor
This is the draw bridge over the Gowanus Canal. Mom and I used to walk across it to shop at the little stores on the other side
Walking to the terminal in Red Hook by the new Ikea complex, we took the ferry back to Manhattan
It saves commuters a lot of time during the week. It is free on weekends.
Freedom Tower
Brooklyn Bridge